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Natural Bond Enter-tainment label’s latest project, the Mentality rhythm, was released on April 2, and it features a mix of up-and-coming acts as well as established acts.

Producer Jerome Elvie who is best known for co-producing the Porus rhythm and last year’s multi-artiste Gold Leaf rhythm explained that the name (Mentality) came about while creating the rhythm.

“There was a heated debate about how the mentality of our youths is affected by those of the previous generation,” said Elvie. Artistes like New Kidz and Lybran (aka Rum Boss) have once again worked with Natural Bond for its latest project.

“Well it’s always fun working with New Kidz and Rum Boss because in my opinion they are very underrated. I personally think they have so much more to offer. Outside of all that, I wanted to give new talent an opportunity as long as they had the ‘mentality’ to work on their craft. These guys surprised me and I think that they will get better with time,” Elvie added.


Among the artistes featured on the new rhythm are Farzle Dan ( Gyal Wine), Fyah Current ( Make Some Money), DeeClef ( Harder) and Miguel Wealthy and Pahkaak ( Breakthrough).

“So compared to the Gold Leaf and Porus riddims where the artistes where more seasoned and more opinionated, these guys were more receptive to new ideas,” Elvie shared.

Music videos for the songs by DeeClef and Miguel Wealthy and Pahkaak are currently in production.

“My objective as a producer is to put music out that will live on and to touch people from all different walks of life, no matter their race, political or religious beliefs. This is an objective that’s being achieved but not yet fully realised,” said Elvie. Having worked with a long list of established acts and new talent, the producer shared that there are a few things that he especially enjoys about producing “as I take it in stages”.

“(First) To see a beat speak to an artiste and have that brought to life” and “To be a part of a creation that can help people to forget about their troubles if it’s just for a few minutes or to even inspire and motivate others for a lifetime.”

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