Nick Cordero’s Wife Wants Him Home For Their Son Elvis’ 1st Birthday

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Nick Cordero‘s wife Amanda Kloots has shared that the 41-year-old who is hospitalized for contracting coronavrius is “doing well” following his recent tracheostomy procedure.

On Friday, May 1, Kloots shared that doctors took Cordero off a ventilator and inserted a breathing tube. She added, “This is just amazing news because we really needed this to happen to get him off that ventilator…I think he will be feeling better, even subconsciously feeling better. I hope this is just a great sign for some good recovery days ahead and for him to wake up and just have that pressure relief from his throat. Thank God.”

This weekend, she shared another quick update on Cordero’s recovery process to her Instagram Stories.

“Good morning, everybody. Just wanted to give you a quick Nick update. He is doing okay, his vent settings are down, which is good, that’s a really good sign that he’s breathing is going well and um, the feeding tube that they put in, hes getting some nutrition—they’re seeing benefits of that which is great,” she shared.

She went on, “You know, yesterday was just basically about a day of adjusting to the trach and seeing how he was doing with it and leveling out these settings. Settings are down and he is doing well, so I’m just hoping for another day of rest and recovery, I think the more days he has of this might help his brain to wake up.”

In another Instagram Story, Kloots said she “thought of another Nick story to tell” fans and followers watching. 

She went on to share a touching story of when she and Cordero were in the delivery room for their son Elvis Eduardo Cordero‘s birth. Kloots also added that her son’s first birthday around the corner on June 10 and it’s her “goal” to get Cordero home for their little one’s big day. 

“I had a C-section with Elvis, we had a very, very long labor. It was 52 hours,” she shared while telling her story. “We’re finally in the operating room and they’re doing the procedure, it’s like 6:40 a.m. and you know, they have that curtain up and they pull Elvis out and he starts crying and Nick says, “Honey, listen to our baby cry—that cry will never sound as sweet as it does now.” And I’ll never forget that line, he’s right—his cry has never sounded that good ever again. I’ve recorded Elvis crying and I do play it for Nick.”

She also shared a selfie of herself and her little one on Instagram and wrote, “Dear Nick, you can’t see us but we “visit” you everyday. I can’t wait for the day I wheel you out of this hospital honey. Don’t stop believing! #coderocky #wakeupnick.” 

In April, Kloots also opened up about the hardest parts of her husband’s battle with coronavirus. 

During an interview with CBS This Morning, Kloots said: “This is one of the saddest parts—we thought I would see him in two hours. I said you know, ‘Call me when you want me to come pick you up.’ I didn’t even give him a kiss or a hug because we were also kind of self-isolating from him because we have this 10-month-old baby.” But about an hour later, Cordero called her to tell her he had been admitted. 

“I feel like there is an army of people behind him, behind us,” she shared during the interview. “I just believe—I get chills saying it—I just believe that he will wake up.”

The Broadway star has remained in a coma for nearly a month after he was first hospitalized with complications from COVID-19.

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