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As much as he has declared his love for naked women, fans will not be seeing any in Natty King’s music videos because the Rastafarian singer says he is quite aware of what he calls his “status”.

Last year, when he released the questionable song, Joe, many wondered if he had strayed from the path of righteousness. But he ignored the critics and has shot the music video which dropped on his Vevo page Tuesday night.

“I love naked women in my bedroom or on the beach, but if a camera around, fix up please, for the sake of my status. [I] still have to remember my culture. So, no naked women on my Joe video. Check it. It is more of a story. And fun. Not all about sex. I make sure that all parts cover up. Every woman dress up,” Natty King told THE STAR.

Exploring his versatility

He calls the Nyah Bless and Well-O-Well production “a slightly different track from what fans are used to from the man from the east”, and Natty King insists that he is simply exploring his versatility in this dancehall song. The video shoot was completed last November, and his friend Turbulence has a cameo. Selector GeeFus from Stone Love plays the role of the man around the place who gets hilariously tricked by his own wife and ‘Joe’.

“Anything I do now is fun. Natty King is way different. I prove that already. I don’t know about others. Some can’t do any better, that’s all they know. But I have no problem with dancehall music because it is our music, too, and some of the riddims are very nice, just the lyrics content sometimes a bit off,” he stated.

With the video out of the way, Natty King’s focus is on releasing the other songs on the rhythm, with artistes like Mr Lexx, Turbulence and Mr Peppa.

But it is not all about the juggling, as he has also completed an album which will be released later this year.

“It’s 16 tracks and we are planning to drop it in the spring. It’s a cultural album, and I have three lovers’ rock on it. Still, woman is a part of my culture. So yes, straight culture,” he laughed.

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