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The story of how NotNice’s encounter with Vybz Kartel changed his life forever has been told countless times.

Still, many would be surprised to learn that the producer was first introduced to the ‘Worl’ Boss’ through his mother, Avis Walker.

“Mi always play Vybz Kartel music inna di house, not while she’s there. But once she come home and hear the radio tun up she know a Vybz Kartel did a play. She always hear mi a talk about him and she always a say, ‘everything a Vybz Kartel’,” he laughed. “Mi nuh know how she know weh him look like but she was at the bank one Saturday and she call me and say ‘yow yuh boss inna di bank innu’. Me say, ‘who dat?’ and she say, ‘Vybz Kartel’.” NotNice recalled that she said she would get the deejay to speak with him on the phone.

“I don’t know weh she say to him but she gi him the phone and mi talk to him and tell him say me rate him music and at the time him did just come out wid di album Up To The Time, and him say him ago give her a autograph CD to give to me,” he continued. “Him ask mi which part mi deh and me tell him Waterford and him a say dat near (to him) and if me can reach pan Portmore Mall before him leave the bank and mi say arite.”

NotNice said he quickly got dressed, boarded the first taxi he saw, and got to Portmore Mall to meet Vybz Kartel in-person. The encounter didn’t materialise into a musical partnership then, but the moment is still one of the Billboard producer’s most precious memories.

Before arranging that first meeting with the deejay, NotNice told THE STAR that his mother was the financier of his first computer, once he decided to become a music producer.

Like any mother, he said she grew frustrated when his musical ascension was taking longer than anticipated, but said that through it all, her support never wavered.

“We did destine fi make it inna music but the pressure did a build up from my side, especially knowing say me couldn’t provide the right way. One a di time mi mother a tell mi say me a run up the light bill and dem thing deh and mi know she did just wah better fi me. So me go do mechanical engineering and now mi have a diploma inna dat,” he said. “Mi love my mother fi all weh she do fi me because if a never she, probably NotNice wouldn’t deh yah so. Mi respect her to the fullest fi di support.”

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