April 01, 2021

When fast-rising dancehall artiste NVasion penned the lyrics to his breakout single Dem Gyal Yah Wicked, he knew he had to remix the track to include a female’s perspective.

The track speaks about how some women prefer to give their affection to men who are financially well off rather than build with a man who is less wealthy but more loving.

The song became a ‘national anthem’ for men and a nuisance to women who wanted a similar track telling things from their perspective. NVasion is now set to drop the remix on Friday with dancehall’s newest female sensation Shaneil Muir.

“From the moment mi medz the remix, a Shaneil Muir me a say fi dweet. No other artiste was in mind. A she fit it the most to me. She have a beautiful voice, she nuh normal when it comes on to lyrics and storytelling so no question never really inna it. Plus, both a we a young artistes weh have fire and we really talented so mi know she coulda deal wid it like how me wulda deal wid it,” said NVasion. The deejay said that working with Muir was a joy.

“Her work ethics up just like mine and she have a free spirit weh make yuh comfortable round her and me nuh have no doubts say her contribution on the song will definitely bring it to a greater dimension. She a go defend di woman dem now and a dat dem wah hear long time,” he said. “We just a go spit some facts bout things weh take place in a relationship, things weh everybody can relate to and we a go dweet in a fun way. We nah go take things to no extreme levels weh it a go include violence or nothing like that because a nuh da type a song deh.”

NVasion has been riding a wave of success since a video of him freestyling the hit single went viral.

“There will also be a video coming out this Saturday so people a go can take dat in as well. So it’s not just the song but visuals weh a go push it to an even greater dimension,” he said.

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