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Newcomer to the dancing scene O’Neil the Great showcased creativity and versatility, landing him in the finals of this year’s Red Bull’s Dance Your Style Competition.

Although he didn’t place first, he is a winner in his own right, since it was his first time participating in any dance match-up.

With the contest now behind him, the runner-up will continue to carry on his father Elephant Man’s energetic legacy through dance.

O’Neil Bryan always had a knack for dance but didn’t consider the craft a career until 2018, when he began learning choreography. The motivation came from persons who saw his potential long before he could, and so he started taking his skill seriously and it paved the way for a wonderful career.

For the young talent, dancing is way more than movement; it’s a way of life, something that remains impulsive once he hears the music, as it courses through his veins. He could recall the first dance group he had ever joined and the positive impact it made in his life.

“My very first dance group was Unique Rockkaz, which was a very good coincidence that at my early stage of dancing, I got to learn and adapt from such great dancers who rocked the dancehall scene before my era,” he told Dancers’ Paradise, adding that they were a big help in setting a solid foundation in old-school and new-age dancehall.

Today, he is the group leader for The Greats, which served as the inspiration that gave birth to his dance name, O’Neil the Great. Already, he has worked with local recording artistes like Vershon, Devin di Dakta, Elephant Man and Jah Fabio. Additionally, he recently created Boujie Bounce, a dance that’s taking the Internet by storm. With natural talent, time and space to grow to become an expert in the field, he entered the Jamaican arm of the popular dance competition.

“The Red Bull Dance Your Style final is my biggest achievement yet, because it consists of dancers who have had their names out there. I’m young and a first-time competitor, so reaching that far in the competition meant a lot to me. I learned a lot from the experience, big shout out to Red Bull,” he said.

Hopeful that it can only go up from here, he is looking forward to collaborating with creatives in the entertainment industry. And as far as mentors go, his biggest musical and dancing inspiration to date is his father, Elephant Man. “He inspires me in so many ways and I plan to leave a legacy like he has set.”

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