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Every individual struggles with their own demons, and for Jamaica-born gospel artiste K Anthony, liberation from personal shackles did not come until he started his journey in Christ.

A living testimony of John 8:36, the singer is using his latest single, Free, to let the world know that, “If the Son (of God) sets you free, you will be free indeed”.

Free was inspired by my experience with addiction and the overpowering feeling of sin, sharing the message that Christ offers freedom from sin. Even when we are chained by sin and in the darkness of addiction, we know it is not final. We know that if we ask Him for help, God is more than willing to extend his mercy towards us,” K Anthony told THE WEEKEND STAR.

He revealed that the single, released on February 11, is also a timely Black History Month message.

“The lyrics, but more so the video, reflect the experience of black people who have been oppressed, mistreated and maligned for so long, and still are. Free also speaks about how, as blacks, we can rise above all of the injustice and all that our forefathers had to overcome. Sometimes being free is a continuous fight,” he said. “The experience of not being fully free (as black people) is similar to the experience of being in spiritual bondage. The oppression of drugs, alcohol, illicit sex, violence, and so many things that keep us chained in our lives, we no longer have control over.”


He said the Christian journey and the path to remaining free of sin is a constant battle.

“The ‘Christian journey’ is such an appropriate term because it has, indeed, been a journey with the ups and downs. But, I have no regrets because it has been a lesson each step of the way. When something doesn’t work one way, you can try harder or try to do it another way. I am still learning,” he shared.

K Anthony says he has a lot he wants to share with the world, especially after a tumultuous 2020, which was tough for everyone, regardless of faith.

“With my music, I want to let people know that God has not abandoned us. He is here, and He is listening. Gospel music is very important, and it has always been important, but you find now that people are searching for answers, searching for hope, and this is the message I want to share,” he said. “Christ’s freedom knows no boundaries, and it’s available for whosoever will come. I have been inspired by my relationship with Him to spread this message of his freedom in one of the most restrictive times in our existence on this planet.”

K Anthony says Free is the next step towards a long musical career and foreshadows that 2021 will be his best year yet.

“I am working hard on a few projects that will come out later in the year. I see no limits as it relates to boundaries for my music. I am working towards longevity. I want to be doing music for as long as time will allow, and I want to touch people’s lives and bring hope and healing to as many as God will allow,” he said.

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