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Dancehall artiste Pamputtae is basking in her first ever corporate partnership which happens to be with soapmaker Blue Power Group Limited.

The deejay has been tasked with promoting the company’s winning product, the ‘super whites’ cake soap, since joining forces with them in September.

“I’m doing some promotion for them on the Internet to establish the brand so people get to know it and who they are,” Pamputtae told THE WEEKEND STAR. “A di first mi really a do something like this cause memba dem always a bash Pamputtae seh mi slack so you know corporate nuh really a go use me. At the end of the day, mi change up the thing and mi grow along the way so basically mi just a work with who a work with me. Blue Power see the talent and any little thing weh mi nuh know, dem mek mi know what is what and mi appreciate them.”

Her role has seen her demonstrating the product’s effectiveness in videos posted on her Instagram page. Pamputtae said she was connected to the brand through a friend, and performed at some of the company’s events before being presented with this opportunity. She believes her 2018 song Single Mother opened the eyes of many who were unaware of her ability to diversify her brand.

“That song change a whole lot of things inna mi life, no doubt about that,” she said. “Pamputtae can work wid, yuh just haffi train her and tell her what to do because at the end of the day, nobody is too big to learn.” The venture has proven to be a win-win as the entity donated some of its products to her Single Mother Foundation last month. Other brands are now looking on.

“A lot of people have approached me since but we’re just waiting on them,” she said. “Weh nuh dead, nuh dash it weh. Not because mi sing this or that, mi can fix things and know weh fi post on my social media. Everybody’s life comes with changes; a you haffi just accept them and make some of them.”

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