Paris Hilton Says She Was “Shocked” By Sarah Silverman’s Apology

“I really just appreciate it so much, and I’m glad that her comedy has grown and she realizes that it’s not nice to make fun of people. And I think everyone learns that in life,” she continues. “Sarah is hilarious, like I’ve listened to her comedy and I’ve always been a big fan. Well, before that moment, and always just thought she was so funny, but not when she’s making fun of people. I think she’s just funny when she’s just being her funny self.”

Paris adds she’s appreciative Sarah has taken the time to reflect on the jokes she’s made, not just at Paris’ expense, but in “other situations” as well. 

The star even acknowledges her own missteps in life, saying, “I know where she’s coming from, because just like everyone, you know, we’ve all said things in our past that we felt bad about, we later regretted. And just, I don’t know, I think everyone is guilty of doing that.”

The socialite then recalls how she felt hearing Sarah’s apology, which she describes as shocking, because, as she put it, she’s “used to just hearing her be funny and make her jokes.”

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