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The horrors of the COVID-19 pandemic have hit hard, but for some, the death and long-term medical conditions associated with the virus pack a harder punch.

The latter is true for Jamaica-born, US-based nurse and dub poet Sonsie X. In a recent interview with THE WEEKEND STAR, the first responder shared how being on the front lines at the heights of the global pandemic affected her. Even as she lived in constant fear of potentially exposing her loved ones to the virus, including her 10-month-old daughter, she also revealed how poetry kept her sanity intact.

“I am exposed to a lot of COVID patients every day. I see a lot of death, stress, depression, and it’s really hard having to be a part of that. As a nurse, physically helping to save people’s lives every day is what I do. But as a dub poet, saving lives occurs in a different realm,” she said. “Everyone at the hospital and everywhere I work in the medical field know of me and know what I do in terms of poetry and music, and I try to bring some of that positivity into my workspace as a nurse. With everything going on with COVID, music and the arts is a great distraction and an even greater source of upliftment.” Sonsie X said that she has had to watch people battle suicidal thoughts that were brought on by COVID-19.

“So many people are losing jobs, so many people have lost their homes, so many have not seen loved ones because of lockdowns and travel restrictions. Even me, I have not seen my husband in a year because he is a Jamaican national waiting to come to the States, and we have a 10-month-old who he has not seen since she was born. I realised that I really had to use my music to keep me going this past year and now I have to use this tool to do the same for others,” she said.

Sonsie X added, “People need to hear uplifting words and so I really had to dig into my writing even more to bring these words of love and light to life. My debut album, Namaste, is coming out on Mother’s Day and it’s really going to just bring people into a totally different realm with some much-needed positive vibrations.”

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