Popcaan get run weh by Miss Rhona 😂


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  1. I love how this man buy a house putting family in there, I love the relationship they have, seemed like fun. One problem I'm having, Popcaan need to stop smoking in front of his mother she's a Christian, I think he should give her that Respect.

  2. Popcaan funny he dont want no ackee to eat it is a Sunday.. Jamaican people and our silly tradition eating . any food can be eaten any given day there no selective day..wether Sunday or Friday it going the same belly..dont east the worst on monday and save the best for Sunday. I cook rice and peas and stew chicken yesterday which was a monday..

  3. Popcorn I love the synergy you have with your mother. Your are a very good example to others. God bless you and your mom is beautiful. Ms Rhona you have a wonderful son may God continue to bless him and broaden his territory even as he blessed you.

  4. Y fi a bun weed round yuh mada and di kids. Weh Yuh mada elderly church frens Dem Aguh think bout are,true money shi a allow phuckry,that tell yuh alot bout ones character, Have some respect.


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