Pose’s Janet Mock Gives Impassioned Speech On Salary and More

Speaking to Murphy about adding more writers, Janet allegedly said, “you brought girls in to help you.”

“Who brought the girls in?” she asked him, to which he replied. “I did. I wanted the girls to be there.”

E! News has reached out to FX, as well as Ryan for comment. However, we have yet to receive a response.

Additionally, multiple outlets report Janet discussed her romance with actor Angel, telling him to “stand up…right now!”

“Let me tell you something about love,” the transgender rights activist said. “Today, I was gonna let [Angel] go. I was gonna let you go, right, but what did I do? I f–ked someone on the crew, right?”

“Angel, Angel,” she went on. “I’m not losing you. You hear me? You are f–king important to me. I don’t want to live in a house alone. I want you. You motherf–ker. Right there. That’s who I want. I’m getting what’s mine.”

According to reports, Janet also apologized to writer and producer Our Lady J, saying, “I tried to shrink you to make myself bigger. Why couldn’t I just love you?”

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