Prayer without action has no value or meaning – Foota Hype – Selector urges people to reflect on their wrongdoings | Entertainment

The constant plea of persons on social media to pray for healing has popular selector Foota Hype inspired to speak out.

Yesterday, he posted on Instagram that he had a warning for the world and then shared the message live.

“Prayer cyaa help, it too late,” said the dancehall selector who said he was moved to comment on a post that recording artiste Jah Vinci made that “The world needs prayer.”

He continued: “Prayer without action has no value or meaning. All the while me a seh tek di warning say unuh need fi change and unuh nuh tek it. Prayers not going anywhere, God a mek duppy now ’cause him waan see change.”

Foota Hype, who was released from the Krome Detention Center in Florida only two weeks ago, then went on an extensive rant about the coronavirus being an answer to the wrongdoings of the world.

Speaking to THE STAR following the live discussion on Instagram, Foota Hype explained, “The pandemic is an eye-opener for many. It is the actions of the world why we facing these results. The Almighty upset with the world for things like homosexual behaviour, criminal acts like the murder of children, to even lack of devotion; people don’t have devotion anymore.”

He continued: “On the subject of prayer, it is a waste of time if people don’t work towards what they praying for. Yuh tink Usain Bolt can wait until him reach the finals to start train? Same suh, people can’t be talking about praying as soon as the Almighty applies pressure if they weren’t listening the warning before.”

The dancehall selector said he is primed for negative response from persons who disapprove of his opinions.

“People going look at me like I am crazy but I’m not here to follow, I’m here to lead. Me may not enlighten the massive who bashing me but what about those souls I can save?” he said. “Again, prayer don’t make sense unless there is a change in people’s attitudes and that’s the important message I am sending.”

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