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Dancer-turned-artiste Queen Nikki has been all about making transitions in the entertainment space. Following a name change from DHQ Nickiesha, she is now rocking a new ‘designer body’.

“The reason why I decided to do the surgery is because mi have this likkle hangover on my belly from me have my two kids, and no matter how me go gym, eat right, exercise and all these things, it just wouldn’t go away. It was always there and when me wear certain things it hang over and never look good, so mi say arite den, mi a guh solve it,” Queen Nikki told THE STAR.

The entertainer said she did liposuction, a tummy tuck, Brazilian butt lift and got breast work done.

“Memba seh as a female dancehall artiste, it’s all about sex appeal, yuh affi wear certain things and yuh wah look yuh best when yuh go out deh pan stage so the cameras catch the right angles in the pictures and videos,” she added.

Queen Nikki said she insisted on the work being as natural as possible. “To tell yuh the truth, sometime mi nuh even remember say mi do mi body. Unless mi look inna di mirror, mi nuh notice because mi never go hard wid di surgery. A lot of people do dem body and dem go extra. Dem put in too much a di breast so it stiff and look like it a guh buss. My breast dem feel soft same way, normal. Dem just lift a likkle. And memba say me did have a$$ already so mi never need fi do much deh so either. Mi just lift it a likkle fi make it look better,” she explained.

The entertainer said that many people were shocked when she revealed she had body work done as they felt it was unnecessary.

“Most a di people dem see mi on social media and party and dem see mi look good. Nuff time a tuck me a tuck in mek me look so good inna certain things. If me ever did leggo my belly people would never believe. Mi did just tired fi tuck. Mi did wah free up and now mi nuh affi tuck cause me belly flat as ever. Mi feel like mi just born,” she said.

Having experienced the make-over magic, Queen Nikki is advising women not to shy away from ‘fixing’ their bodies if they feel the need to do so.

“If you’re struggling with a part of your body that yuh don’t like, why live in the struggle when you can fix it? It very expensive, but if you can afford it why not?”

Queen Nikki said that numerous doors of opportunities have been opening for her since getting her new eye-catching body.

“I have been getting a lot of calls and people a say a di best Designer Body dem see so far. Mi phone a blow up. I have even been getting a lot of calls to be ambassador for products. I mean, I used to get those calls before as a public figure, but since me reveal the body, is like those calls get even more,” she said, adding that Designer Body, the company responsible for her cosmetic surgery has asked her to be one of its ambassadors.

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