Rachael Kirkconnell Would Be “Crushed” if Matt James Doesn’t Propose

When speaking to her mom, Rachael couldn’t help but gush over Matt. 

“I’ve definitely been falling in love with him so easily,” she explained, “and I would never want you guys to come all the way up here just to meet this man if it wasn’t something serious and if it wasn’t a person I really could see myself spending my life with and seeing a future with.”

Matt echoed the same sentiments when speaking to Rachael’s dad, saying their “relationship has been built on honesty, communication, and being up front with one another.”

He added, “I told her that I’m falling in love with her.”

Rachael was hopeful that Matt would ask her dad for his blessing to propose, but as he told her, it “didn’t feel right asking for it just to check a box.”

“It’s so scary to think that I could still potentially lose him,” Rachael said in her confessional. “After seeing him with my family, it’s hard to accept the fact that there are still three other women involved and that it’s not just Matt and I yet. I will be completely crushed if I don’t end up with Matt.”

In the end, no one was sent home because Serena self-eliminated herself.

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