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Dancehall recording artiste Kemar Highcon says he is not one to respond to negative comments on social media but the debate surrounding his alleged preference of ‘white’ women has forced his hand.

“This has been an ongoing thing since recording the video for my first hit song,” he said. “I had used females of different calibres in terms of race and complexions for it, but people decided to single me out for featuring a ‘white’ girl. I feel like I have endured enough of that.”

While in Costa Rica recording the music video for his song Come For Me, Highcon’s post with a light-skinned model led to accusations of racism and colourism on his part. He told THE STAR that the comments rubbed him the “wrong way”.

“I don’t discriminate against anyone because of skin colour or nationality. You respect me, I respect you. But I feel like a lot of people try to pressure me because they see me representing on the corporate side,” he said. “I’ve had enough of it and I don’t care about being corporate. We fail to understand that as a nation and as a country, we turn a blind eye to a lot of things because of ignorance. Racism is not one-sided.”

Never faced racism

Highcon added that he never faced racism while growing up or on his travels.

“Even my twin sister went to a predominantly white school in Tennessee and she never experienced racist comments towards her,” he said. “I have dated dark-skinned and light-skinned females and it was always respect and love. We jump up and say black is beautiful but people are beautiful and we are all human beings but we are not showing humane sides. I can’t take a side with a particular skin colour because I am of dark complexion.”

The Talk Bout artiste explained that the model was shocked at the negative reactions after she followed his Instagram page.

“When I saw that people were disagreeing with my choice, I embraced it more and made more posts with her,” he said. Highcon also called out Jamaica as a country where bleaching is popular.

“Nobody don’t bleach like we. That’s the crazy part of it and that is stemming from persons feeling insecure about their complexion or not being content with their colour and skin colour does not determine who or what a person is,” he said. He noted that popular music personality Nikki Z posted a ‘face with rolling eyes’ emoji under one of his posts. But Nikki Z told THE STAR that she didn’t even remember the post.

“People’s voices are their voices and my voice is my voice. In regards to the picture, he’s free to do whatever he wants to do and I wish him well,” she said.

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