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When he broke onto the music scene back in 2014, dancehall artiste Radijah was the centre of controversy. His debut single, Walk Like A Dog, and its accompanying dance move attracted public outrage as many felt the track was belittling women.

The backlash cast a dark cloud over his career but the entertainer refused to give up on his passion and continued to pursue music. Today, he is looking to grab the dancehall spotlight once more, but in a more mature manner.

“People know Radijah Riskboss from Walk Like A Dog days, but I have grown a lot over the years. After that song, based on how people reacted, things did kinda go downhill a bit for me, and so I basically had to restart, in a sense,” he told THE STAR.

“I have matured as an artiste, and I am hoping to show just how much, going forward,” said Radijah.

The artiste was quick to point out that the female audience will still very much be his target. He said the ladies have always been the most receptive to his music, and so he has no plans to abandon his niche.

“The woman dem love Radijah Riskboss and so no matter what and how much changes me go through, mi nah go leave dem out. My music will always cater to the ladies, it will always make dem feel sexy, and that’s exactly what my latest single, Wetter Than A River, does. The song is about that feeling the ladies get when dem man a gwaan good and so far the ladies dem a go crazy for it,” he said.

Radijah said he is encouraged by the response to the song. “It was released in March, and I’m getting a lot of airplay and media attention, and that is what any artiste would love. The support has really been a good sign for me as I am trying to get back to a place where everybody talking about Radijah Riskboss again and in a good way,” said the entertainer.

Like most of his musical colleagues, Radijah said 2020 was a particularly rough year with many setbacks due to COVID-19. He said he was very much affected by the pandemic as two months before Jamaica reported its first case, he had released an EP. “I dropped my EP in January 2020 called The Life of a Risk, and I was going to go hard with promotions, hit the streets and do some real work around it. I was hoping to get at least two hit songs from it and really put myself back out there on a huge level. But then COVID happened and all a dem plans deh stop,” he said.

The entertainer said that he has put the downtime to good use.

“The world was on pause, but music was still free to roam, it never stop. As artistes, we can’t make tru we lockdown wi stop meds certain things and push out material. We affi keep active and make sure we put in the work. That’s what I did. I had a lot more time to do more studio work, and so my career was my main focus. I found myself writing more, recording more, and so I have a whole bunch of stuff to release this year,” Radijah said.

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