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Since his return to Jamaica six months ago, reggae-dancehall artiste and vlogger Rawpa Crawpa has been helping out in his hometown of Hayes, Clarendon.

He has partnered with Hayes resident Khacy Mohammed, founder of the Official Boss Charity Movement in doing outreach, to provide a family of seven (a mother and six children) with a new house.

“Official Boss (Mohammed) is a good youth with a good heart and I saw where this project tek him whole heap a day off his daily work. Him link me and say there is a family who could use some help, because right now, weh dem live, yuh can run and blow dem house like big bad wolf,” Rawpa Crawpa said. “Me might tek serious thing make joke sometime but, meanwhile, me focused on the seriousness of it too. So I decided to help in raising the funds to buy material and we are working together to make this happen for them.”

Was instantly moved

The artiste said that when he was introduced to the mother, Donet Williams, and her daughters, he was instantly moved. The foundation of her home of 24 years has deteriorated, and the kitchen, which was in a separate wooden structure, collapsed.

Over J$200,000 has been raised and Rawpa Crawpa and Mohammed said they have also received donations of material and discounts from several hardware suppliers in May Pen to get the job started. They were to start digging the foundation last Wednesday, but were told to move the boundary line further from the road.

“It’s just a small setback. We are grateful to the people that have helped so far, and it goes to show good people in Clarendon, and inna Jamaica,” Rawpa Crawpa shared.

“Some supplies are still short,” Mohammed said. “More help is always welcomed especially as we face prices going sky high and we need cement and board.”

According to Mohammed, one of Williams’ children, Denicka Morgan, 14, shows promise.

“She is very bright and with a house she can call a home, because dis a drop a ground, her focus can change from those negatives, about where her family lay them head and we can set a brighter future for her,” he said.

“When I was introduced to Official and Rawpa, I was in tears about my conditions. But Denicka make we strong and I would like to have all of the girls living with me,” Williams told THE STAR.

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