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Naturally shy, up-and-coming artiste Raydar, given name Alrick Johnson, said he held back from pursuing his musical dream for years.

He admitted that something about getting on a stage in front of scores of people intimidated him. But with the encouragement of a dear friend, and having taken notes from some of Jamaica’s most established acts, Raydar made the bold step into music two years ago. With his eyes fully set on superstardom, the entertainer promises to go so hard that success is inevitable.

“A mi fren name Zilla make mi get into the music thing innu. Mi love music from long time and mi just feel like a it mi fi a do but mi is a very shy person. Mi never like go pan stage and perform, but mi still always find mi self up there whenever mi go concerts and parties because mi bredren always a cheer mi on. He knew that I had talent, and so him normally a tell mi say go up deh go sing mi likkle one weh mi did have at the time. And every time mi go up and perform dat song, the crowd always love it,” he said. He said the encouragement gave him the push he needed.

“My first song was a four-way collab and it di a gwan well inna di parties and me fren say ‘seet mi tell yuh say yuh bad, stop doubt yuhself’, and the motivation just come from right there, and that’s how mi really discover my talent and say mi really can do music,” he said.

The Mitchell Town, Clarendon, native who now resides in Miami, Florida, told STAR on the Rise that he feels like his time has come.

“I have been waiting for so many years to just find the courage to put myself out there professionally, and now that I have, mi just feel like a di time now. I have been patient with myself, staying behind the scenes learning the craft, perfecting it, and I think that I am at a place where I am ready right now for everything,” he shared.

Raydar admitted he would love to achieve the highest accolades, including the Grammys.

“So mi a work hard at it. I would also love to perform at global events such as Rototom Reggae Festival weh everybody can see me and get exposed to my work as an artiste. Mi wah perform on big platforms, mi wah stand up pan the stage and move 20,000 people. Mi get a thrill just talking about it, the kind of rush weh unexplainable,” he said.

But, Raydar says he knows that that level of success will not come easy and is mentally preparing himself for the road ahead.

“Is a lot of fight inna di business, a lot of challenges. You have a lot of losses because a many times already mi wah throw in the towel, but mi keep pressing on. Freddie McGregor and Anthony B always tell mi say many are called, but few are chosen in the business,” he said. “A nuff artistes a try get in but a who have the drive a go make it. I think I have what it takes and mi a go do whatever to show people that Raydar is serious about his craft.”

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