Relaxing ASMR TikTok Trends, According to Zodiac

TikTok is great for learning that your favorite procrastination techniques have names and watching golden retrievers sing Olivia Rodrigo tunes, but it’s also a goldmine for soothing ASMR videos. There are so many bizarre ASMR sub-genres at this point that the platform can be quite overwhelming if you’re just looking to relax. Will you be mesmerized by calming skin-care routines? Or is it the sight of sourdough being scored that will lull you into a midday nap?

To be frank, all of the following calming types of TikToks will momentarily melt away your troubles, but you may find you’re particularly drawn to one based on your zodiac sign. (Virgos, don’t even try to tell me you’re not a little excited at the thought of color-coded calligraphy.) Take a look to see which ASMR genre fits your sign!

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