Rygin King @ Reggae Sumfest | #ReggaeSumfest #ReggaeSumfestHighlights #BOJTV


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  1. 1 a d baddest performance ever at sumfest…natural talent wid passion fi d music…jah jah me feel it fi wah gwaan wid u me g…hope u recover 1 day n gi we a performance again

  2. He put it out into the universe, and into the ears of the young. So the universe sent it back to him. And now it's time for him to sit down and leave the youths alone.

  3. Anyone think this guy badly needs a vocal coach Less shouting and shrieking out of tune Perhaps he needs to watch old school live performance from legends Peter tosh or John Holt or Sanchez When you go Pon stage you should have prepared your voice Back to the drawing board for rygin king


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