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Dancehall star Rygin King has released a new song, Inna Mi Mind, as a precursor to his heavily anticipated album later this year.

“Mi ah still ‘Dancehall’s Baddest Ting’, mi just a ketch back the flame. We no gone nowhere, ah just one king, any other king, a muss a napkin,” a confident Rygin King said.

The artiste, 25, given name Matthew Smith, returned to the scene last year after being hospitalised following an attack on his entourage.

He continues to celebrate his survival with last Wednesday’s release of the reflective Inna Mi Mind.

“With this single, mi ah remind myself of the process, mi a remind myself that it all started inna mi mind before I could make it a reality. So when mi sit down and ‘meds’ by myself more time, mi realise seh mi did have to conceive it first inna mi mind, that’s where it begins, with an energy and a dream,” said Rygin King. “So this song is like a message to myself and the youths out there that no matter the fight, you have to keep trying.” There are plans to shoot visuals for the project.

The artiste has made an arduous journey from death’s door after being shot three times by men in Struie district, Westmoreland, last June.

“God give me strength and life. Once we have life, we can work to make everything else better. My album is going to be big. Mi have a testimony to tell the world. Mi just did a regain mi confidence; dem shot a lot of energy outta me,” he said. Rygin King did a series of major operations, the last procedure taking place last July.

Since his dramatic return a few months ago, Rygin King has been releasing new music and videos, defying all talk of possibly losing his ability to walk. His team also directly denounced rumours that he was paralysed after he completed a second surgery in July.

Among the standout songs he has released since his return are No Emotion, which racked up 5.1 million views on YouTube, Mission, which registered 1.1 million views, and Dancehall Baddest Ting, which has racked up more than 1.1 million views since its release on April 9.

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