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Although Sanchez has distinguished himself in the dancehall with a full slate of love songs and R&B classics, some fans and music critics agree that nobody sings gospel like him.

His Amazing Grace, released in the 80s, was one of the first gospel songs to cross over into the dancehall and remains a favourite to this day.

This year, in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sanchez, given name Kevin Jackson, has teamed up with producer Jnr Tads to offer his own soulful interpretation of Hallelujah, a song that has been sung by more than 300 singers and in a variety of languages. This version chosen by Sanchez uses the music by Leonard Cohen and lyrics by Kelley Mooney.

An effective prayer

Released two weeks ago, it has been making inroads internationally and just like an effective prayer, Sanchez’s rendition is comforting the disturbed and disturbing the comfortable.

“The full title is Hallelujah Easter Version and since its release two Fridays ago it has been having a great impact. People have been calling me and crying on the phone. (The producer) says he can’t sleep because of the calls. He says that he has never had a record that burst out worldwide just like that and he has really been commending Kevin,” Sanchez’s manager and wife, Monica Jackson, told Gospel Spotlight.

According to Sanchez, “This song means everything to me, especially looking back on how we have lost our loved ones and great people in the music industry and in general. I sing this song as a reminder that even though Christ was mocked and crucified, it gives us assurance that He is still sitting on the throne.”

He said that it was the producer who reached out to him and requested that he cover the song and he would put it out for Easter. Sanchez said he was only too happy to record it. The singer is also working on a gospel album which will be out for the summer.

“I can testify to the wonderful things God has been doing, has done and is about to do for his people especially in this pandemic time. Glory be to the Most High God and I wish for the entire Jamaica a peace-filled Easter,” he said. Sanchez’s first gospel album, Who is This Man, was released in 1999 by VP Records.

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