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Internationally-acclaimed dancehall artiste, Sean Paul, dedicated a small segment of his virtual show on Saturday to all the women who have embraced their roles as moms.

During his one-hour set at ‘Sean Paul: Live from Jamaica’, the artiste served up his hit single with British group Clean Bandit, Rockabye. According to the artiste, the track was written and recorded with mothers in mind.

“I love that song because my mom means the world to me, the universe. For Mother’s Day to come around and for me to get to sing that song to her, she was watching, it was a dope vibes. A collaboration as big as that you don’t just get to sing it like that, Clean Bandit had to give permission so nuff love to them and Ann-Marie (who sings on the track) for allowing me to include that track in the set,” he said.

Sean Paul noted that another song, titled Straight From My Heart that was released in 2009, was the first song he did that was dedicated to his mother.

“I think we owe women a great deal for the nine months they carried us. Every person on this Earth came to be because of them… ,” he said.

Revealing that one of his earlier performances of Rockabye came two days after his son Levi was born, Sean Paul said the song has added significance because of his wife.

I really owe her a world of gratitude

“I was in a next city far away from where they (his newborn son and his wife) were and watching her deal with everything she had to as a new mom without me there, I really owe her a world of gratitude. And so that song is just an ode to all the mothers out there. We have a lot of love and respect for you and what you do, especially in a pandemic. It felt like a really great joy just to sing to them and let them know they are special and they matter,” he said.

The entertainer added that with all the ill-treatment women have faced in recent times, particularly at the hands of men, he wants them to know that not all men come to cause pain and destruction.

“When you look at it and really listen to ladies speak, there is no trust anymore for men and there is a lot of fear when it comes to the unknown because of that. Today, it’s hard for a woman who has been hurt in the past to even meet new people. But as a man, a father, a husband, I want to tell all the ladies out there that you deserve all the love in this world. Big up to all the women,” he said.

Sean Paul: Live from Jamaica was live streamed via Dreamstage from Morgan’s Harbour in Port Royal, and saw the artiste performing with the full complement of his band and a unit of dancers. He thrilled with songs from his recently released Live N Living album, as well as some classic hits that made him popular.

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