June 04, 2021

Two of the damaged windows at the home of selector Fyah Ras.

Popular Stone Love disc jockey Fyah Ras and his family are counting their blessings after gunmen pumped bullets in their home on the evening of May 26.

Fyah Ras, whose given name is Shalako Allen, told THE WEEKEND STAR that he was shocked when he got a call from his mother that their St Catherine house was under attack.

“Mi just leave the studio and go drop home a artiste and get a call from mi madda say the house under gunshot and big stone fling in di house. Is about five windows mash up but mi glad no one no get injured,” he said. Fyah Ras stated that he has an idea who may be responsible for the attack, but never expected anything like this. He said two days earlier, someone had thrown stones at the house and he had made a report to the police. But he said he does not believe that he was taken seriously.

“They were saying that neither me or my mother was at home when the incident happened so we really couldn’t say who had done it,” he said. The selector stated that he and his family are not involved in any wrongdoing and said they are just being targeted by haters.


“We are hard-working people and is like the troublemakers dem just wait until wi get home… Now dem come close where dem a fire shot in we house and from dem do that, dem can go further. If someone was in the way when the shot fire then it would have been different,” he said. Fyah Ras said he is imploring the police to pay keen attention to their ordeal.

“I’m asking the police to just be on this case because mi and mi family life at risk and we can’t take this lightly because gunshot don’t give pardon,” he said. The selector said he has reported the incident to the Greater Portmore Police Station. Attempts to get a comment from the station proved futile.

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