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For more than two years, 18-year-old singer Shaday has been building a steady social media following, using her soothing voice to cover tracks from popular Jamaican and international artistes.

However, last Friday, Shaday, whose given name is Shaday Toni-Marie Afflick, made a bold step by releasing her first original track, African Warrior.

It was produced by Sting International, the famed producer, songwriter and composer behind several of Shaggy’s hits, including It Wasn’t Me, and Strength Of A Woman.

“More and more each day, people have been drifting away from knowing the power and strength they possess. I wrote the song hoping that it would serve as a reminder that we, specifically people of colour, possess everything we think we lack, which has already been inside us and passed down through our lineage/ancestors,” she said.

As a devoted student of neo-soul and R&B sounds, African Warrior saw Shaday stepping into unfamiliar territory. An adjustment to her lyrical content and style led to her discovering talents she never knew existed.

“It was more me doubting myself because I’ve never done it before. It definitely took me out of my comfort zone, where catching and keeping the reggae flow is concerned,” said Shaday, who has been singing since she was two years old.

“I definitely hope that this song will give me a big break and serve as an introduction that Shaday is here and ready to take on the world,” she said.

African Warrior is the first track from Shaday’s debut album, A Version of Myself, which will be released later this year.

Unfortunately, Shaday won’t be able to perform her debut song in front of live audiences just yet due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But the resourceful teenager intends to use social media to promote her music. She has already received some confidence-boosting endorsements on Instagram from established entertainers like Tessanne Chin and Romain Virgo, who were pleased with her renditions of their songs.

Shaday’s second single, Strong, Independent & Beautiful, will be released on March 26.

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