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Recording artiste Shalom incorporates celebration and praise into his latest release, Mi Daddy Nuh Dead.

“The song is about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ; that He is alive and not dead,” the artiste explained. Since its release in April, the high-energy track has been steadily gaining attention.

“I’ve been getting good reviews so far, and I will give thanks for the buzz that it’s really creating at this moment,” he said. Shalom revealed that he got the song five years ago and wanted to record it then.

“But I didn’t get it done until now. However, I think now was the right time for it to be released. It took me seven months to get it ready for release,” he said. Now, he hopes that it reaches those who need it most. “My hope for this song is that it touches lives and gives people hope,” he elaborated.

Having an illustrious career that dates back to the ’80s, Shalom is known for one of his biggest hits, Baby I Got News For You, which was released in 1997. With a discography full of love songs such as I Love You Forever, he has taken his journey into a new direction; he is now an ordained pastor and gospel singer. His more recent recordings include Jesus Don’t Stop At All, God Is Life and Things I Use To Do.

The artiste has more music on the way, starting with a single that will be released at the end of June. He is also working on a new album.

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