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Back in 2017, dancehall artiste Shane O earned the title ‘comeback kid’ as the star re-emerged on the local music scene with a bang.

After years of silence, the entertainer released the track A Million, and was instantaneously catapulted back into the musical spotlight in a way that mirrored his debut back in 2004 when he released the hit, Lightning Flash. His momentum continued in 2018 with the release of the tracks Last Days and Partner Draw. The artiste enjoyed a whirlwind of success before retreating to the shadows once more.

“For the last two years, I have just been planning some new strategies, change up the thing and see how me can make it work. Mi nuh even did a too focus fi drop drop nuh bagga songs because me a meds fi forward back wid some different styles,” he shared. “Me taking a break from the music and then forward back wid some hot songs, a nuh supmn weh mi plan, is like it just manifest da way deh. Mi is a different kinda yute weh humble and pray and meditate and focus some different style and strategy fi di music. So even three years ago when yuh see me come back wid Last Days, a Jah send da song deh. Not even me know when me a go hot again. Mi just put in the work, and the music do the rest in time.”

Speaking of timing, Shane O says 2021 feels like it will be a good year for him in music. He revealed that he has released four singles since January, two of which are currently trending locally. “The song called Good Life weh mi do di video inna di gully deh so, the road a bun up wid dat and the one weh a go hard now called Psalm 23 produced by Countree Hype weh mi just release last week and [it’s at] number 12 on YouTube trending. Mi never know dem song deh did a go do weh dem a do,” he said. He noted that Good Life was recorded three years ago.

“Das why me nuh stress fi put out di bagga bagga songs cuz all it really take is a quality song and so mi make sure my thing dem well put together,” he said. “Mi nuh watch hype and two-week songs and who a trend because mi know my talent. Mi inna di top five lyricist inna Jamaica and nuh body nuh affi tell me dat.”

The entertainer is also gearing up to release an eight-track album titled On and Off Loyalty.

– S.G.

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