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Recording artiste Shaqstar has hailed Chronic Law for the role he has played in his career. The Rise Up artiste, who like the ‘Law Boss’ hails from St Thomas, Jamaica, is a member of the 6ixx outfit, and he is seeing a rise in his musical stock. He said that his growth in the business has been directly influenced by the people around him.

“The whole 6ixx/1Law family, and mi place (Seaforth), mi get di full support from them,” said Shaqstar, who recently dropped a single, Need That, on the Night Beach rhythm.

Highlighting the role of his fellow St Thomas artiste, Shaqstar said that Chronic Law has been “one of my main direct influence”.

“I saw what it took to get out there, mainly by just being around him; as mi seh, a mi G from long time and we see him put in di work, suh wi just do di right thing di said way,” said Shaqstar.

Chronic Law last year announced that he was branching out into the artiste management and production side of the music business to unearth “authentic talents in my community where I grew up, and outside as well”. At the time, he announced Shaqstar as being one of the persons whose careers he would guide.

“He is very humble, willing to take correction, driven, and, in my eyes, he is a very talented individual that will go places,” Chronic Law said of Shaqstar.

Shaqstar recently released Need That, which addresses one of world’s most pressing social issues — domestic violence.

“I want a female hear it, stop take box and kick, and find a nice man. And it raw, becah me nah pretty it up. Man fi have self-control, because everyone has choices in a relationship, and beating a female a no joke thing,” Shaqstar said of the song.

He said that Need That, which is on TruMoneyMusiq’s all-new, six-song Night Beach rhythm, and speaks to women no longer accepting abuse from their male counterparts, did not come by coincidence.

“I was linked to TruMoney by Swagg (owner of Swagg records in St Thomas). I’ve been working with him since the start of my career and he introduced me to them, and as I heard the riddim, I already had a line or two, so in a couple a days, the masterpiece was brought forward,” he said of Need That.

The 6ixx artiste, who is among several entertainers to have emerged out of St Thomas in recent times, said that breaking into the business has been “an awesome experience”. He said, however, that it has not been easy.

“As we all know, nothing good in life comes without a fight, but regardless a any negative, we still a push to the heights,” Shaqstar said, while adding that he has a lot of projects “with different messages for the people of all the different walks of life” in the works.

He also plans to release an EP by year end as he set about making his mark, notwithstanding the impact of COVID-19, which has put a damper on the entertainment sector.

“COVID slow down things fi everybody, but it also forces us to learn different promotional methods, and how fi stay afloat thru di ruff time. So in the midst of all the negative aspects of it, we still a try find fi likkle light a positivity,” Shaqstar said as he looks towards a bright and exciting career.

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