Should the vaccinated be treated differently from the unvaccinated?

PRIME Minister Andrew Holness hinted earlier this week that citizens who have vaccinated against COVID-19 and those who have not could experience differential treatment in the future.

Holness, who said the practice has emerged across the world for public health reasons, said Jamaicans must bear their responsibility to protect themselves, their families and the general population.

“It can’t be that I do my national duty and get vaccinated, and someone who shirks their responsibility and duty, sometimes for no genuine reason other than ignorance and deliberate malicious intent, gets to go by on a free ride. Every citizen has to bear some responsibility and has a duty to get our society out of this crisis. Whilst I respect the views of persons who are genuinely scared or hesitant, at some point in time reason must take over,” Holness said.

Jamaicans in the Corporate Area, however, for the most part believe if such measures are put in it would be unfair.

Ripper the Barber

I tek my vaccine already and all of that, two shots of them for that matter. Mi nuh feel the Government fi treat anybody differently from me weh tek it. We all know that even some of them weh a put up the rules dem, not even tek the vaccine either and dem a do di same thing like everybody. Weh him fi do a try go around and help out the people dem weh dem a lock dung like a cage. Him need fi gi dem some food and whatsoever dem can do fi help dem because this thing is serious.

Patrick Whyte, owner of God Speed Car wash in Kingston

If you are vaccinated you should be in a different syndicate or category different from the unvaccinated. Mi nuh think that right still. Mi nuh go fi dat because at the end of the day we are one people. Its not like this an island split in two, like Hait and Dominican Republic. They should find a way to get them to understand. Then again, if it is a thing where some people will get sick while some won’t, I think you should force them to obey social distancing, the wearing of masks and curfew, but don’t lock dung di place.

Danielle Dixon, nursing student-

I think it is unfair because there is something called human rights.

Tessonia Mullings, nursing student

I don’t think it is fair because everybody has their own opinion and if somebody don’t want to do it, what is the sense of forcing them. Some people may not like the fact that they are being forced and some people believe inna different things.


Everybody have dem own opinion and can express dem feelings. If we don’t want to take vaccines him cannot force we fi tek it. As Jamaicans, we have to express ourselves. Dem seh freedom of speech, so we have to talk for our rights and if we don’t want to take the vaccine, no one can force me to take the vaccine.

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