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Creator of the popular Flairy dance move, Silent Ravers, yesterday pushed back at claims that he has been removed from the Ravers Clavers Crew.

This comes after dancehall selector Foota Hype reached out to the group’s leader Ding Dong on Tuesday to confirm publicly via Instagram Live that the dancer was no longer a member.

This after a video showing Silent Ravers was caught in a ‘compromising situation’ with a transgender personality surfaced online.

“At the end of the day everything done happen already me just make a f****** mistake inna my life and me just have to live with it. Nobody never fire me, Ding never call me and say nothing,” said Silent Ravers in his address on social media.

He reiterated that the main reason he decided to go live on the social media platform was to address that he was still part of the popular entertainment group.


“Everything done happen already, me cyaa stop nobody from say wah dem a say but Ding never call me and seh me not a part of Ravers, no part of Ravers say ‘Silent you not a part of this’,” he said. He also said “Me don’t have nothing against gay but nobody no boy or girl can say them touch me or me touch them. That ah pon my mother life.” Attempts to get in contact with him yesterday were unsuccessful.

On Tuesday, Ding Dong explained to Foota Hype that he did not have to answer publicly about whether Silent Ravers was still part of the group. But after Foota Hype repeated the question, Ding Dong said “An’ whe it a go do? Him nuh inna di crew, all right him nuh inna di crew, whe it a go do? Him nuh inna di crew, so you a guh stop talk about it tomorrow?”

The connection froze but when it reconnected, Ding Dong continued “If me talk anything yah suh, unuh still a guh talk about it tomorrow.” Foota Hype then said he just wanted to know specifically whether Silent Ravers was still in the group, and said “me like how you tell we straight say him nuh inna di crew again”. However, some social media users have expressed doubts about Foota Hype’s conclusion. They commented that Ding Dong was merely saying that whatever answer he gave, the story would not have ended there.

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