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Singer Tamara Wright-Martin lays her emotions bare in her latest single titled Breathe.

Singing from the perspective of someone on the verge of death and praying for oxygen, the singer channelled current situations into the song.

“I thought about those who have been affected physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s for those who are on the verge of dying or giving up, losing air, so to speak. I also thought of the current COVID-19 pandemic and how it would have affected us individuals,” the singer explained.

Tugging at listeners’ emotions with the heartfelt, emotional lyrics and delivery, her hope is that the song reaches someone who needs it greatly.

“I pray that persons who are sick, even those admitted in the hospitals, receive healing as they listen to the song. I pray that people learn how to pray, asking God to revive them with that needed breath, especially when they feel like giving up,” she said, also highlighting the importance of using breathing techniques in times of need, which she, as a nurse, takes very seriously.

“Practise using the technique (breathing exercise) by taking in a deep breath. It can aid with a sense of feeling revived. It is also a reminder for my colleagues to breathe whenever the pressures increase, which may cause them to feel overwhelmed,” she added.

Describing her music as contemporary gospel, Wright-Martin was born into a musical family, growing up with a father who sang and played the piano and guitar. Having spent time as a member of her high school and college choirs, subsequently participating in various festival and gospel competitions, she is now using her voice to spread positive and meaningful messages.

In the past year, she has released several songs such as Cry Out, The Fight and I Need You N ow.

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