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As the coronavirus continues to impact the nation, members of Sky Level Movements, a Spanish Town-based sound system, gave back to their hometown during the Labour Day weekend. Speaking with THE STAR, Nicarl Brown, popularly known as Jazzy J, said although he and his team have also been impacted by the virus, they realise others have been hit way worse and wanted to extend a helping hand.

“The pandemic has affected every deejay, every artiste, with full force, because nothing nah gwaan and so we food stop flow. But, I know people out there are in more need and cannot afford certain things. It may be hard to believe but some people can’t even buy food and everybody affi eat.

Targeting base

I’m targeting our base, which is Brunswick in Spanish Town. I wanted the initiative to be geared towards the elderly and the children’s home, but right now we just ah guh help as many persons as we can who need it,” he said. “We nah specify; it’s for anybody at all because yuh have all some babymother who have dem yute and can’t find nuttin fi gi dem so we a help dem too wid some essential items – food, personal hygiene products.”

Jazzy J said that as the home base of Sky Level Movements, the team felt the need to return the support the community has been showing them love over the past few years.

“We a yute weh party over here and people support we, and so we know say weh we can help out, we affi dweet and show the community say we can support dem as well. When me check and see how much people really need certain things, me and the team just decide to do weh we can. We already hand over the packages. We went on the road early to ensure the people had some things for the long holiday weekend. In this time, it’s each one help one,” he said.

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