Spice is doing nothing wrong – Heavy D, DJ Lava defend dancehall queen’s ‘call feature’ idea | Entertainment

Paying for exclusive one-on-one time with one’s favourite celebrity is not a new phenomenon in the entertainment industry.

But social media users were not pleased on the weekend when Spice announced that she would be making herself available to her ‘besties’ by appointment only via a ‘call feature’ on her website. Spice is charging up to US$499 for a 30-minute motivational Zoom video call. She also promised to give fans advice on the secret to her success.

Some music insiders told THE STAR that having built her brand from scratch, Spice deserves to offer exclusive opportunities to her fans at a cost if she chooses.

“Stage show nah keep again and we inna di online space, the virtual space, we affi create opportunities within the new normal,” said Heavy D. “The common people a go look pan it and create excitement but really and truly, a business … as the Queen, she can do whatever she want wid her brand. She work hard for it and she have her loyal supporters weh will pay dem good money fi di phone call dem.”

Heavy D said that Spice’s move is a smart marketing strategy, as she is choosing a different path from the OnlyFans route other women use.

“The difference is she a offer business advice and motivation,” he said. “Spice have her clothes line, her make-up line, she have business connections and if she can put unu on to dem connections deh, me can’t see how dat bad. If Beyonce and Rihanna did a do dis, dem a charge million dollars and people out deh a go pay it because how often yuh get the chance fi talk to Beyonce or Rihanna?”

DJ Lava suggested that a big part of the reason Spice’s move has received backlash is because some Jamaicans still see Spice as ‘the girl from Spanish Town’.

“Dem still see her on the level she was 10 years ago but dem nuh realise the growth and the fact say she is a brand now,” he said. “This is not the same Spice unu know, a different levels she gone. But da ‘fighter’ spirit deh? A just the Jamaican thing, cuz other people will support her and she must know weh she a do.”

THE STAR reached out to Spice but she declined to comment.

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