Stacy Xpressionz re-brands as Goody Plum – Turns to music, but promises to still teach dancing | Entertainment

The name Stacy Xpressionz reverberates throughout the local dance industry, as the seasoned choreographer is a veteran member of Dance Xpressionz.

But the entertainer is looking to exchange her dancing shoes for the microphone as she introduces Goody Plum to the world.

“I am not dancing anymore, like literally not taking any bookings, any promotional videos, no stage performances. Mi done wid dancing. Mi do dat fi more than half a mi life and mi wah do new things. And I don’t mean it to sound like I am ungrateful to dancing because dancing make me tour quarter a di world. But music a go make me tour the next three quarters,” she said.

However, Goody Plum clarifies that she is still a member of Dance Xpressionz and is still doing the group’s The Bartender series.

“And mi still have a class weh mi a teach. Orville has a dance programme that has been approved by HEART so that’s the only time you’ll see me dancing, when I am teaching. I start that this month but a deh so alone mi a go dance. Mi a get older and mi can’t a jump and a flick and a do di most fi di rest a mi life,” she said.

Pointing out that her decision to focus on music is already paying dividends, Goody Plum says she has been receiving a lot of media attention since transitioning.

“Most a di interviews I am getting now is based on the music. Weh mi never really did a get fi dancing, mi a get fi di music. Mi did ahead a mi time because mi did a try off a it (music) long time, but mi feel like now a di right time because everything just a fall into place,” she said.

Goody Plum, who was last year featured on the all-female ‘Pink’ rhythm juggling with her breakout single Tun Up, says she has already released her first official single for 2021.

The track, titled BBC (Nah Fi Ask), was released two weeks ago and the visuals a week later. Already the video, which is available on YouTube, has amassed close to 35,000 views. The artiste says the reception has been overwhelming.

BBC in other places stand for a lot of things but in Jamaica, it’s the shortening for (expletives) and that word is an expression we use when we excited, when we a stress supmn, and when we wah fi make a point. This song, me a make a point fi all a di gyal dem weh look good and dem confident inna it,” she said.

Goody Plum notes that the song was “seeped” through The Bartender, and based on the feedback there, she felt people would like it.

“Even the clean version have a trendy slang by itself because ‘Nah Fi Ask’ is a talk weh a run road. People always a say ‘mi nah fi ask Christ’ when dem a talk bout things so people take on to that also. So mi know both versions (clean and raw) did ago connect,” she said.

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