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Female dancehall artiste Pamputtae says dancehall culture has a prevailing attitude that there has to be rivalry between entertainers, and in the world, a woman’s beauty is weighted primarily on her external appearance.

A combination of these things makes a perfect recipe, she told THE STAR “to pit women against each other.”

Pamputtae continued: “People always a pit the female artistes against dem one anodda, other especially MC Nuffy, him a one a dem. Is like dem feel seh we still haffi have rival inna dancehall.”

Over the years, Pamputtae’s name has been called in alleged feuds with Spice, who she says is her ‘sister’ in dancehall; Lisa Hyper, with whom she recently reunited with after a decade; and Shenseea.

The negative stories and social media comments still haunt her in her career but instead of allowing it to hold her back, she said that she is inspired.


“My latest single Heart Clean was inspired by all of that. I have a lot of fake friends and family that act as motivation also, like dem want me bad mind females like Spice and Shenseea and when Nuffy seh how me black and rusty … dem likkle ting deh inspire di lyrics,” she said. “Competing nuh suh serious again. The fans like certain things inna dancehall but I believe we can do things [to stage the rivalry] but we nuh have to tek it so personal.”

Pamputtae is coining her music and performance style as ‘clean heart dancehall’ as she creates an image as a woman of empowerment.

She said “Me love the unity and strength the females a get and we are seeing how much more this a contribute to dem a dominate. We a come outta we shell and working double and triple times harder, we all a spit lyrics like di man dem. If people listen the song, one part me come out strong like a man and give me deep voice and me also give di more reserved, feminine sound … that a di emotion.”

The music video features her two sons, Jahzere Henry and Kavon Smith, who she says give her strength.

“The video important for people to see and feel the message. I doh bad mind or grudgeful nobody because when a your time, a your time. Me just want the people support Pamputtae music on all digital platforms and stop pit the women ‘gainst each other, so much more can come out of motivating us to unify,” she said.

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