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A St Mary-based astrologer is claiming that a recording artiste, who has been trying unsuccessfully to become a major reggae/dancehall star, could become “filthy rich” if he takes her advice and turns his attention to becoming a record producer instead.

Nastascia Spence, popularly known as ‘Cia’, said the artiste has been unsuccessful in trying to get a big break but has still refused to follow her advice, thus far.

“They love music, they are adamant in building a career, but I see their natal track; they’re supposed to produce. They’re supposed to be a producer, but he’s wasted so much of his life, so much. He’s gonna be filthy rich if he listens to me and produce because he’s got that managerial skill in him, plus the love and passion for music,” Spence said.


She declined to name the artiste or to give any clue as to his identity.

“Sometime even though you wanna do something, that was who you were in your past life. You were a musician, now you elevate from that; start producing. If you stay in your ‘self node,’ which is your past life, you will be stuck, you won’t progress.”

Spence contends that persons can get great value by consulting astrologers. “Anybody who wants to know themselves, if you love yourself and you want to understand yourself, then consider consulting an astrologer,” she declared.

The self-proclaimed astrologer said that her initial interest was in psychology as she wanted to know “why people are so unbalanced, why they do certain unseemly things, and that led me to astrology”.

She describes astrology as “a very factual science because it’s a very supportive psychology, which explains why people think and do the things that they do”. She said, too, that she believes in God.

“I believe in God, He’s the greatest scientist!” Spence said. “He’s the one who created all of this. It’s so sad that when I tell people about astrology, though, that they think that I’m an atheist. It don’t mek no sense,” Spence asserted.

“You don’t have to be a Christian to believe in God. I believe in God so much, you have no idea, and He’s the one who led me to this because He said ‘Seek and ye shall find.‘ And I’m in search of knowledge, I love knowledge.”

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