Sunny Hostin Is “So Relieved” in Tearful Response to Chauvin Verdict

Sunny Hostin is sharing her personal reflections following Derek Chauvin being found guilty of murder in the death of George Floyd.

After a Minneapolis jury returned their guilty verdict on Tuesday, April 20, the journalist appeared on ABC News and got emotional in discussing what the decision meant to her and her loved ones. This included reflecting on her 18-year-old son Gabriel, one of two children she shares with husband Emmanuel Hostin

“I am the mother of an 18-year-old boy who is now in South Africa, and I feel that he is safer in South Africa than he is in his own country,” Sunny admitted. “I am so relieved that this is what justice finally looks like for my community.”

The 52-year-old co-host of The View continued, “And while I know that this does not bring George Floyd back to his family, to his loved ones … I really believe that this is a movement that we’ve seen, and for that, I am so, so very thankful that perhaps we will see real change—much-needed change—in this country.”

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