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Perturbed by the recent child-abuse horror stories, dancehall artiste Suspense has written and recorded a moving track urging parents to pay more attention to their children.

Titled Children’s Cry, the track, which was released on the weekend, highlights the end result of years of neglect. Suspense told THE STAR that as a mother of two boys, she has had to learn how to give a listening ear.

“I named the song Children’s Cry because I think we are turning a blind eye and deaf ears to our children’s needs. I remember growing up, we couldn’t just appear and speak out of space to our elders. We would often be told to go sit and find a child’s place. Unknowingly, the parent or guardian shuts us down without giving a listening ear. With how things have been explained in the media recently after tragic occurrences with children, I believe if we as parents had opened our eyes, ears and hearts, we could have protected our children more,” she said. “Speaking from a personal perspective, I have learnt that listening to my children changes everything. Not only do they know they can come to mommy with anything, they are confident that I will listen and do what needs to be done for their benefit. We have to do more of this as parents.”

Suspense added that she realises there are many adults who have yet to learn this invaluable lesson, and hoped that the song can open a few eyes.

“So far, people are saying it’s a ‘world’ song, well put together, visuals and all, and that we need more songs like these,” she said. “My only additional hope is that this song creates more advocates for our children. Parents need a reminder to lessen peer pressure and stop ‘cowing down’ their children, and to learn to embrace them rather than push them away. This is Child Month and there is no better time for a message like this.

– S.G.

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