The Best Spring-Cleaning Hacks on TikTok

Cleaning isn’t always fun. Sure, you can put on a great playlist and power through a few tasks, but when it comes to really deep cleaning and revamping your space for spring. . . that can be quite overwhelming. One of the biggest hurdles can be knowing where to start, but luckily, TikTok is here to help! The app is full of spring-cleaning hacks and tips that cover everything from cool gadgets that’ll make cleaning easier to tips on how to clean your cleaning machines (yep, it’s a must). These genius videos will have you decluttering and creating DIY cleaning solutions like a mad scientist in no time. Now you can finally clean that spot in the back of your microwave that’s been bothering you! Keep reading for our favorite spring-cleaning hacks on TikTok, and get ready to feel like you live in a whole new space.

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