Throughout the political establishment and the complicit media, the PNP’s decision to boycott the by-election is a meretricious narrative which is desperately shoring up the delusions of the PNP top leadership.
Politics is a game of bickering, back stabbing and one-upmanship. It’s a daytime drama and also a B-grade movie with scattered plots. It’s true face is Machiavellian in nature and it is a serious game.  Why isn’t the opposition People’s National Party not contesting the Clarendon South Eastern division in the March 2 by-election to replace former four time Member of Parliament, Rudyard Spencer?

“The PNP respects the right of the people of South East Clarendon to have parliamentary representation, but has no intention of following the JLP into this unnecessary and wasteful political exercise which will be a carnival of spending State resources, as were the cases in the two previous by-elections.”

The official statement proffered by PNP’s General Secretary, Julian Robinson needs more clarification. If this upcoming by election is a unnecessary waste of State resources, resources which the JLP has at its disposal, could it be said that the PNP is consolidating its meagre resources for the General Elections.  Is the PNP experiencing financial starvation after losing all three of the previous by-elections? The PNP lost St Mary South Eastern in 2017; St Andrew North Western in 2018 and were trumped in Portland Eastern in 2019.

A political party is a group of people structured in a systematic way who generally share the same ideology, and political positions. Fielding candidates for elections in an attempt to win and form a government is its main objective. Therefore, based on what a political party represents, and especially one half of the two major political parties -the PNP- it is head scratching as to why they would boycott the present one being contested in Clarendon South Eastern.

Is it that the PNP, reeling after a string of defeats in by-elections are exhausted and confused as to what strategy to adopt and adapt to?  It can be deduced that after being deluded by the past results of the previous by-election, Opposition leader, Peter Phillips sees the forrest for the trees. Him not wanting to deplete scarce and diminishing resources is hoping at the success of a calculated risk by focusing on the General Elections.

The PNP should not be dismayed by the recent past by-elections losses and dismiss the upcoming Clarendon South Eastern as just a warm up match. Oiling the election machinery takes time and effort and if it is forced into action without the necessary adjustments and fine tuning, the engine will not turn over as it should.

Patricia Duncan-Sutherland had performed creditably during the last General Elections loss to Ruddy Spencer and she seems a fixture in the constituency. It is bewildering as to why the PNP hierarchy did not allow her to contest the election. Pearnel Charles Junior is a duck getting his feet wet for the first time and given the tenacity and work riven ethos by Patricia Duncan Sutherland, it would be a great contest and one from which the winner and loser would learn. 

Looking in from the outside, the PNP seemingly lacks viable candidates when these by-elections are called and they usually select a ‘freelancer’- candidate with no or little experience in the constituency and this puts them at a loss. However, Mrs Duncan-Sutherland must be devastated.  If the PNP is not delusional, then it could be said that the critics are the high priests of delusion in saying that Dr Phillips is fading away without a fight. 

The PNP has thrown cold water in the faces of its supporters in Clarendon South Eastern. Do they respect the rights of the citizens to participate in the process? In this case, they don’t seem not accountable to voters and this is a foreboding sign of what to come.

We all know that we wear many faces. The PNP’s wearing the face of resignation and hypocrisy, not that it is novel as this par for the course in politics.

It is to be seen whether the People’s National Party has a death wish and for all parties concerned, the electorate may fulfill that aspiration on the day of the General Elections. There is no predictable chronology in politics and a day in politics is quite a long time.

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