The Internet Had Thoughts About DaBaby’s Backup Dancers

DaBaby rocked the stage at the Grammys with his performance of “Rockstar,” but his background performers caught more than a few eyes. 

The rapper donned an all-white suit and diamond gloves to perform his Grammy-nominated hit, and he surrounded himself with what can only be described as the Supreme Court. It truly looked like he had the berobed SCOTUS justices up on raised platforms behind him, living their absolute best lives with the choreography. It wasn’t a traditional choice for backup dancers, but it was inspired—or at least it inspired many memes. 

Some compared the choir members to Judge Judy, or to the many faces of Moira Rose (Catherine O’Hara) on Schitt’s Creek. Some moms and grandmothers also got shoutouts, and even Ariana Grande got into the mix thanks to DaBaby’s very Ariana-esque violinist. 

In the name of joy, we compiled some of the best reactions to DaBaby’s incredible performance and its iconic cast.

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