Thieves cut his throat and tried to steal his cab, but…

THE scar across his throat is a constant reminder for 54-year-old taxi driver Clifton Williams of the night he cheated death as two men attempted to rob him of his car.

Williams told the Jamaica Observer that on that night in 1995, he was unnerved by the two men he picked up while making his rounds in Spanish Town, St Catherine, but he continued driving towards Walks Road, while ignoring his intuition.

“The guys dem a tell dem friend say dem soon come back. From mi hear dem a seh dem soon come back mi kinda look out for trouble. After dem tek me and wi reach a Monticello, dem seh dem want a stop at a particular spot weh nuh house never deh, so me kinda observe and a seh to miself, ‘Nuh house nuh deh yah so, so weh di man dem want?’

“By the time mi coulda ask di man dem which part dem want di stop, di man weh sidung behind mi cut mi throat and di other jump out a di back when mi stop,” Williams recalled.

“Mi did have another lady inna di car weh much older than mi at di time weh did a go Winter’s Pen. She come out di car and run gone down di road a bawl while me inna di car a fight wid di two a dem wid mi neck still a bleed,” added Williams as he described how he struggled to survive.

“Mi end up overcome di first one in di front seat and then mi start to fight di other one in the back. Both of them end up run out and mi drive go down a di hospital. Dem never get di car because mi put up too much resistance,” said Williams who received 14 stitches to close the wound.

He said after that frightening experience with the would-be robbers he stopped driving his taxi for some time.

“Mi did stop fi bout a two year and cool off because normally when dem try fi tek yu weh and yu get weh, dem always come back for yu because yu know dem face,” Williams explained.

He switched to driving a delivery truck during that period before returning to the taxi business.

For Williams, the attack was an occupational hazard but his family was terrified for him.

“Mi still deh here a run taxi same way. It neva mek mi feel like mi did want stop. My family dem did react real scared, but dem know it a go tek more than two man fi really tek mi weh.

“From a work, mi a go come out and work because a it send my pickney dem go school; a nine youth me get, ennuh,” Williams said.

Name: Clifton Williams

Age: 54 years old

Route: Spanish Town to Angels Estate

Length of Career: 30 years

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