Time to Binge Watch: 54 Stars and EPs Reveal Their Favorite Episodes

“Ok so first and foremost I’d have new viewers (and veteran viewers for that matter) go watch S1, E1. You gotta see where it all started! And for the veteran viewers 101 would be fun to go rewatch to see how far the show has come and to see how much the characters have changed. 

S1, E15 is a fun watch, you get to see the end of the first season and the first cliffhanger. 

Next I’d jump ahead to S5,  E1.  Directed by one of our executive producers, Eriq La Salle. Really strong episode that deals with tough subject matter of an accidental shooting. 

Then I’d say go watch S5, E18, “Ghosts,” really strong Upton episode where we get to know her character more. 

Next let’s jump ahead to season 6! Start with S6, E2, “Endings.” It wraps up an emotional crossover involving Halstead’s dad. Then go to S6, E13, “Night In Chicago.” I love this episode where Atwater has to confront some of the darkest issues surrounding police work.

Next I’d say go watch the entire Infection crossover that starts with Fire and Med and culminates with episode S7, E4 of PD. Only OneChicago can do a crossover like this 😉  

Next on my list is S7, E6 where Halstead has to live with some heavy choices he made. Then S7, E13, “I Was Here,” is a gut wrenching episode for Burgess. Love the episodes that carry over into the characters personal lives. 

Then finally I’d say watch “Silence of the Night” which is the follow up to Atwater’s Night in Chicago episode. (Editor’s note: This episode aired Wednesday, 4/15.)

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