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Last October, up-and-coming dancehall artiste Timezone declared that his musical mission was to unlock a ‘new level of freakiness’ in dancehall.

But having successfully raised eyebrows, Timezone says his new musical mandate is to show the masses that there is more to him than just ‘freakiness’.

“When me do good songs, nobody was recognising it but when me drop Top Freak, everybody was talking about it… it definitely got people to go and see who I am and check out my other songs,” he said. “But since then, I want people to know that I am the artiste that is about more than just songs like that. I want people to see that I have real talent.”

Has more to offer

The entertainer recently collaborated with fast-rising dancehall star Gold Gad on the track Negativity, and says the single is proof that he, indeed, has more to offer.

“Mi nuh want people put me in a box. Mi want people to remember me as a yute weh do everything inna music, even production, because mi have mi own studio and do mi own mixing and thing. The song wid me and Gold Gad a me produce it, mix it and thing and it a gwaan good because it was released a month ago and it’s at 31,000 views which is the first single for me to get to that number,” he said.

“The single is about negative people always trying to bring down people who are making moves. Gold Gad work hard fi him page and dem report it and get it deleted and all a that and people do the same ‘bring down’ thing with me. When people see yuh a climb up the ladder dem always try to break you down, but this song a show say we nah focus pan dem. We a pree money and higher levels.”

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