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His undying love for Hondas inspired comedian-turned-artiste Twani to pen a song about the popular car brand.

The original track, released in early March, gained so much traction that in addition to racking up close to 600,000 views on YouTube, it caught the attention of fast-rising dancehall artiste Skillibeng.

The Brick Pan Brick deejay then decided to jump on the song’s remix, which has since become one of the hottest tracks on the dancehall circuit.

Honda Remix sparked the #RooHondaChallenge on Instagram.

“Naturally, I knew people would react well to this song. Is more of a serious track, it has less gimmicks, and just how me style the whole thing made people gravitate to it, and when me see the people reaction, me just tell mi self say a challenge did affi keep,” Twani told THE STAR.

The competition required participants to show off their Hondas in videos while playing Honda Remix in the background.

They would post their videos for Twani to repost, and the video with the most likes would be declared the winner.

Difficult choosing

“Nuff people enter. Over 120 people, but we only uploaded 90 because the others put in their entries too late so they would have only had a limited time to promote. It was difficult choosing a winner but me affi say big up to the first-place winner, Dr (Phillip) Coombs, because he did something phenomenal with his winnings,” said Twani.

Coombs, a medical doctor and popular social-media personality, handed over his cash prize of $40,000 to a fellow contestant he felt was deserving.

In a statement sent to THE STAR, Coombs, more popularly known as Doc Ravers, said the other contestant, who has a 1991 Honda Integra, epitomised what it meant to be proud of what you have, no matter what.

“This contestant had no shame in letting others know that as old and beat-up as his car was, he was proud to be the owner. His confidence and pride in his Honda changed my outlook towards the competition. It made me realise that having the right attitude and being content despite your circumstances is extremely important,” he said. “I wanted to give him a chance to upgrade his Honda based on his positive mindset. He will go a far way in life with his grateful attitude. It’s an important lesson to learn. He deserved the win.”

The official music video for the remix was released last Friday and is currently the number two trending song on the island, according to YouTube.

In less than a week, the track has amassed approximately 300,000 views on the popular streaming platform.

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