February 23, 2021

UK-based dancehall artiste Rudie Classic says he was just about to make some serious waves in Jamaica when the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

He had just released his single Move, that was getting heavy rotation on the local airwaves and gaining traction at street dances. The entertainer was in Jamaica doing promotional appearances at various hotspots across the island in March when the country recorded its first set of COVID-19 cases. With lockdown looming, Rudie Classic said he had to stop the promotional work and return to the UK. Since then, he has remained relatively quiet musically, but says all that is about to change.

“When I went into lockdown, I used the quarantine time to really write and record. Inspiration did a flow and so we have a lot of things in store this year. Next week Friday we a look fi drop a single called R.E.S.P.E.C.T and then after that we a go drop one name Ruff Out Yah … a song based on all that is happening around us, how hard times are at the moment and why we must hol’ the faith.”

The UK is going through another round of lockdowns, but Rudie Classic said he has been using social media to stay connected with fans and keep his brand alive.

“Mi just a wait, longing to get things moving in the dancehall again. Mi sure every artiste feel the same way, pan the waiting list yah now, and das why we just affi gwaan put in the work so when the place open up and we touch road, we can go hard,” he said. Speaking of going hard, the entertainer says he is in the process of putting together his debut EP but said that he will probably wait to see how much the music market bounces back before dropping it.

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