US rapper remakes Beenie Man’s ‘Sim Simma’ – Dancehall icon happy the song still resonates two decades later | Entertainment

King of Dancehall Beenie Man is elated that after more than two decades, his hit single, Who Am I (Sim Simma) is still being remade and refashioned by this generation’s artistes.

This after American rapper, Joyner Lucas, released the video for his latest single, Zim Zimma. The visuals, which features famed actors Mark Wahlberg and George Lopez, also features Diddy and sees the rapper spitting lyrics about his Bimma.

“Zim Zimma, who got the keys to my [expletive] Bimma”, the rapper spits on the hook of the song, repeating the now infamous line from Beenie Man’s mega ’90s hit. But not only does the rapper sample the lyric, he also made sure listeners were aware of its origin. In the video, after crashing Lucas Joyner’s BMW, Mark Wahlberg can be heard mocking the rapper, stating that he “liked Beenie Man s**t better anyways”.

In an interview with THE STAR following the song’s release, Beenie Man said that the new music video has thrust the two-decade-old song back into the spotlight.

“Anything weh affi do wid yuh career and yuh life that come forward fi bring back a new regiment to your thing, yuh affi always feel good because this bring back Sim Simma inna different light,” he said. “It is a great thing, and I really appreciate the attention. Mark Wahlberg call mi name inna di video and that’s great. Him a my star from long time because me is a movie man.”

He stated that as an artiste “Every song yuh make yuh try to make it fi be iconic.”

“That is why yuh come into music, because yuh want to be popular forever. So every song yuh make yuh put your best into it, yuh back behind it,” he said. Beenie Man said it was clear from the beginning that the single was going to be a hit.

“Jeremy Harding, the producer of the song, was hiking to the top because he was Sean Paul producer at the time, and so mi kinda did know it did ago go dem levels yah,” he said. The veteran artiste was very candid when he explained that people’s love for BMWs also allows the song to remain timeless.

“Mi deh country and a man just buy a Bimma, and yuh know which song him drive past mi yard and play? Everybody still a buy BMW. Everybody weh buy a Bimma, a dat a dem song,” he shared. The Grammy-winning dancehall artiste also revealed that songs from his catalogue continue to resonate because of his personality.”

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