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Popular entertainers Wasp and Jahvillani are getting major props for the creative visuals for their single, Time Bomb.

The video, which is directed by Icey Jace, opens with ZJ Sapphire setting the stage, breaking-news style, for the arrival of a bomb squad, namely Wasp and Jahvillani, to defuse an explosive device planted on dancer/artiste Daniiboo.

“Ninety per cent of the fans say it is the most creative dancehall video of 2021. Big up Daniiboo, who played a great role with the visuals,” Wasp said. The song is produced by 26-year-old Maliko Foreman of Step to Dem Productions. The video racked up more than 100,000 views in only one week.

“We are challenging the artistes to be more creative with their videos and songs. Big up Jahvillani, there was great chemistry in the studio with him. He was humble … and we wrote it together,” he added. Fans have called for a sequel and similar collaborations between dancehall artistes.

In the video, as the ticking time bomb counts down below the 30-second mark, Jahvillani decides to bail on the situation because he claims ” mi gal say she need loving“. But Wasp refuses to give up and contemplates different strategies, saying: ” Don’t cut yet/Pass di screwdriver, no, di pliers.” But Jahvillani is not too sure and bemoans ” Yah go need more than dat, yuh need prayers.”

Wasp is already stepping things up, currently in promo mode for his just-released track, Choices, and his mixtape, The Oath.

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