What On Earth Did Grey’s Anatomy Just Do To Us?

Spoiler alert! If you have not watched the spring premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, turn back now.

Raise your hand if you were not emotionally prepared or emotionally stable enough for what just happened on Grey’s Anatomy

Someone new joined Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) on the beach tonight, but it was not a returning fave or a little visit from any doctor friends as they cared for her. Nope, it was, in fact, someone she loves very much who came to the beach for himself, and chose to stay there permanently. Yep, they just killed DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti).

The poor guy was stabbed out of the blue while in pursuit of a kidnapper during tonight’s crossover episode of Station 19, and as Grey’s began, he was being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. 

After his first surgery, it seemed like he was going to be OK. Then things took a turn for the worse, and we found out what was coming during a convo with Meredith on her purgatory beach, in the form of a sandcastle metaphor. He desperately wanted to finish building his sand castle, but the tide came in and washed it away. 

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